Pennsylvania 1999 State Quarter:
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The Pennsylvania State Quarter is the second coin in the 50 State Quarters Program. The U.S. Mint released it on March 8, 1999, as the second quarter of the year.

The quarter features the statue, Commonwealth. The Commonwealth statue has been on top of the state’s capitol dome since May 25, 1905. Her right arm is extended in mercy; her left arm holds a ribbon mace to symbolize justice.

The design also includes a keystone. During the Civil War, Pennsylvania earned its nickname as the “Keystone State.” Its location was seen as “key” in the wall against attack from the south. The Battle of Gettysburg, a critical turning point in the war, took place in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania.

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1999 Pennsylvania State Quarter

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50 State Quarters Program




March 8, 1999


The Keystone State

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The 50 State Quarters Program was launched in 1999 by the U.S. Mint and was a 10-year initiative that honored each of the 50 states. The U.S. Mint issued five new quarters each year in the order that the states ratified the Constitution or were admitted into the Union.

The 1999 State Quarters were the first five coins of the 50 State Quarters Program. The program lasted for 10 years (1999-2008) and was extended to include six more territories in 2009. The coins have a common obverse design of George Washington and a state-specific reverse design. The coins were produced for about 10 weeks each and will never be produced again.

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