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The Coin Carousel™ collection system is designed to hold the 50 State Quarters (1999 – 2008), America the Beautiful Quarters (2010 – 2021), or any quarter minted after 1932.

Each carousel holds five U.S. quarters in individual coin frames, capturing the coin so all sides are visible and free to be examined. These carousels are stacked into a numbered library storage system to track each quarter in the collection.

Holds • Stores • Organizes

Five monocles rotate around an ergonomic spindle to preserve and display quarters in an organized, stackable library system. It’s the perfect practical solution for mounting, displaying, collecting, viewing, and storing your quarters—all in the same device!

A Press-Fit​

View the Edge

The Coin Carousel’s clear material allows you to view quarters from all sides, even the edge.

50 State Quarters

1999 State Quarters

1. Delaware
2. Pennsylvania
3. New Jersey
4. Georgia
5. Connecticut
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America The Beautiful Quarters

2010 America The Beautiful Quarter Coin Carousel

2010 America The Beautiful Quarters

1. Arkansas - Hot Springs National Park
2. Wyoming - Yellowstone National Park
3. California - Yosemite National Park
4. Arizona - Grand Canyon National Park
5. Oregon - Mount Hood National Forest
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Coin Carousel_Nomenclature_Library System

Each carousel is numbered from one to five, identifying the positions of the yearly five-quarter releases of the 50 State Quarter and the America The Beautiful Quarter programs. 

This numbering creates a library system that will allow you to locate a particular quarter by its position relative to the others in your collection.

Get your quarters in order

Since 1999, the US Mint has released 5 quarters every year. The 50 State Quarters Program lasted 10 years and honored each of the nation’s states in the order that they ratified the Constitution or were admitted into the Union. Each quarter was produced for about 10 weeks and will never be produced again. The 50 State Quarter Program became the most successful numismatic program in history. There were 35,001,138,000 State Quarters issued between 1999-2008. According to the US Mint, 147 million people collect the 50 State Quarters.

Because of the success of the 50 State Quarter program, the US Mint launched the America The Beautiful (ATB) Quarter Program in 2010 and continued the release of 5 quarters per year. Each ATB quarter depicts a national park or national site from each state and ended in 2021.

Beginning in 2022, the US Mint launched, The American Women Quarters Program which celebrates the accomplishments and contributions made by women of the United States. The US Mint will issue up to five new reverse designs each year until 2025. 

George Washington Quarter

Quarter Collections

Store and organize quarters minted since 1932

Coin Carousel_Top View_One Monocle

Quarter Monocle

Insert your collectible quarters with a press-fit

Coin Carousel_Top View

Made in the USA

The Coin Carousel is made from ultra clear crystal polystyrene

Coin Carousel_10 Multi-Stack Carousels

Unique & Novel

A new method of displaying, collecting, and storing quarters

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