2014 America the Beautiful Quarter Coin Carousel


This product includes (5) 2014 circulated quarters from the Denver U.S. Mint, (1) Coin Carousel, and (1) protective jewel case.

The Coin Carousel allows a new method of displaying, collecting, and storing U.S. quarters in a library system.

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This 2014 America The Beautiful Quarter Coin Carousel product includes…

(1) Coin Carousel and (5) 2014 circulated quarters from the Denver U.S. Mint. 

2014 America The Beautiful Quarters
  1. Tennessee – Great Smoky Mountains National Park (#21 of 56)
  2. Virginia – Shenandoah National Park (#22 of 56)
  3. Utah – Arches National Park (#23 of 56)
  4. Colorado – Great Sand Dunes National Park (#24 of 56)
  5. Florida – Everglades National Park (#25 of 56)

(1) Jewel case packaging to display, store, and protect the 2014 America The Beautiful Quarter Coin Carousel.

About the Coin Carousel™ Collection System:

The Coin Carousel™ collection system is designed to hold the 50 State Quarters (1999 – 2008), America the Beautiful Quarters (2010 – 2021), or any quarter minted after 1932.

Each carousel holds (5) U.S. quarters in individual coin frames, capturing the coin so all sides are visible and free to be examined. These carousels are stacked into a numbered library storage system to track each 50 State Quarter in the collection.

  • The Coin Carousel presents the novice and the dedicated collector a unique and novel way of collecting, storing, and displaying U.S. quarters.
  • Allows for viewing both sides and even the edge of the quarters
  • Since 1999, the U.S. Mint has produced 5 quarters every year. The 1 – 5 numbering on the Coin Carousels is to give position of a quarter to index them in a library system.
  • Press-fit quarters securely
  • Made in the USA

About the America The Beautiful Quarters:

Since 1999, the U.S. Mint has released 5 quarters every year. Because of the success of the 50 State Quarter program, the U.S. Mint launched the America The Beautiful (ATB) Quarter program in 2010 and continues the release of 5 quarters per year. Each ATB quarter depicts a national park or national site from each state and is scheduled to continue until at least 2021.

Weight .375 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 2 in
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